Welcome to Rishi Herbals

Rishi Herbals started off as New Rich Saai in 2001 for promoting Stevia in India. We began by conducting seminars and workshops about stevia and its potential uses. We then set up a nursery for stevia with high quality planting material from Japan. To help reduce the initial cost involved in stevia farming we started providing saplings at Rs 2 per sapling.

Today our activities are diverse such as are our products. Some of our products are Herbal Tea with stevia, Stevia liquid (clarified and clear) Stevioside powder and tablets. We also are in the process of developing a low cost production technology for Stevioside. Our herbal tea, called BonChaaiTM which requires no sugar, is very popular in India and abroad. They come in exciting flavors like mint and Cardomom. We are also supplying stevia tea in wholesale. We also plan to launch some more products soon, which include Aloe Vera products.